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About Us

Welcome to SaleVisitors!

SaleVisitors is your friendly neighbourhood online resource for general merchandise in your neighbourhood, including sales, discounts, deals and offers available in your area.

Get to know the latest deals and offers, what's on at your favourite mall, or at your nearest department store. Browse the latest classifieds in your locality and know special offers available. Shopping for everyday items and local services is now just a click away.

Restock on clothes and apparel by checking out the seasonal sales on offer, attractive tour packages, health and lifestyle products and services. Looking for something special? SaleVisitors posts special items and services available by occasion.

When you want something in particular you would normally go out and shop around trying to find the best deal. It's possible you eventually find that particular item, and come home to discover it was available at a lower price at another store! You just didn't know about it. It's not necessary to spend so much time and energy when you can get that information so easily, here at SaleVisitors. It's not just about getting the lowest price you can get, rather saving money by getting what you want at the right price. The convenience of home shopping and the benefit of local offers... SaleVisitors is this and much, much more.

SaleVisitors believes that money saved is money earned. A high price is no guarantee for quality. You don't need to spend a lot of money just so you're sure you're getting the quality you need. SaleVisitors is associated with established partners, and bring to you products straight from certified sources. We aim to make your online shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.

Browse SaleVisitors and happy shopping!